AML Compliance Risk Management Platform

Raptor enables major financial institutions to zero in on the risks that matter, and manage them more effectively. Our platform combines superb technology and domain expertise to produce uniquely great user and customer experiences.

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Better Risk Management

Raptor deepens, systematizes and expedites the collection and analysis of relevant information.

Raptor simultaneously finds and retrieves information from multiple sources, in multiple languages, using natural language processing to parse both structured and unstructured data in search of risks, relationships and connections. Users get a comprehensive, thoroughly researched view of each subject in the context of its network of relationships. Important information never gets lost

Risk evolves as new information comes to light. Raptor enables both real-time, automatic screening and monitoring of entities and periodic rescreening. New, relevant information flows automatically to appropriate individuals and teams, enabling immediate risk assessment and more effective risk mitigation.

Better Resource Management

Raptor takes the noise out of AML compliance, enabling analysts to focus more on real issues, less on false positive alerts and irrelevant news items.

Because Raptor presents all the information analysts need in a single, user friendly platform, analysts no longer need to waste time on manual tasks that add no value, like toggling back and forth between systems, or cutting and pasting or retyping information from one system into another. The results: operational errors diminish; costs of training, onboarding and rework decrease; and investigations move faster.

World Class Technology and Expertise

Raptor’s machine learning technology minimizes false positives, and learns from analyst feedback, improving system performance over time.

Raptor’s architecture enables it to share features and learnings across multiple clients, even while respecting each client’s compliance and privacy obligations and needs. Raptor accesses orders of magnitude more data than any manual, rules-based investigation can consider. Raptor automatically extracts (via distributed architecture) and analyzes (using machine learning) an enormous array of data sources to perform its assessments and risk rank results, enabling dramatically more accurate compliance outcomes.

Our team combines world-class machine learning experts, visual designers, data scientists, and product and systems engineers with deep domain expertise in regulatory compliance and the compliance risk management challenges facing major financial institutions.

Superb User and Customer Experiences

Raptor customers enjoy a contemporary, customer-focused agile approach to enterprise software innovation and platform delivery cycles.

Raptor users get a single, modern interface that integrates data from internal and external sources. Raptor users get to use their brains more, focusing their time on tasks that add value, supported by systematic, comprehensive, automated research and cutting edge artificial intelligence. With Raptor’s intelligent, structured workflow, analysts can produce sounder, more consistent results, with less headache.

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